HBA Hoof Treatment

A blend of the finest oil and hoof protectants. Massaged into the coronary band it will also stimulate hoof growth. This unique product contains sunscreen, powerful antioxidants and Hydromol which is a potent moisturizer, its non sticky, has reduced dirt collecting properties and is a must for the discerning horse owner. It leaves the hooves looking shiny and well cared for.

Directions : Apply twice weekly to clean and dry hooves with a hard brush, massaging well in to the coronary band.

Warnings : For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and uninformed person.

Ingredients : Wax, Natural oils, Lanolin, Stoklolm Extract and Plant Extracts.

Available in 500 g and 5 Kg

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis per 100 g

Natural Wax (20%)
Sunflower Oil (68%)
Lanolin (2%)
Stockholm Tar Extract (3%)
Plant Extracts (2%)