HBA Leg Tight
Clay Poultice

HBA Leg Tight Clay Poultice is formulated to relieve stiffness after strenuous work with an immediate cooling effect. The poultice contains plant extracts known to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. It may be used for short term relief or as an overnight poultice.

Directions : Apply a generous coating to leg, back or area required. Rub in well and leave overnight.

Warnings : Some horses may react to plant extracts. Discontinue use if horse shows any adverse reaction. Do not use on pregnant or lactating mares.

Available in 5, 10 & 20kg

Guaranteed minimum analysis per 100 g

Kaolin (52.7 g)
Boric acid (4.5 g)
Plant extract liquids (0.02 g)
Essential oils (0.3 g)
Humectant (30 g)