HBA Extreme Electrolytes

Training and competing in harsh conditions requires electrolytes formulated specifically to meet the extreme physical demands on the horses. HBA Extreme Electrolytes were formulated after extensive testing and blood analysis before, during and after training and racing in real harsh climatic racing conditions.

Directions : Sprinkle 50 g daily, mix well in to the feed. Can be use also in water before and during racing or mix with honey, apple sauce or yogurt.

Formulated for equine athletes competing in racing in extreme conditions.

Available in 2.5 kg, 5 kg & 10 kg.

Minimum Analysis Calcicum (41.6 g)
Magnesium (9.4 g)
Potassium (218.3 g)
Sodium (122.9 g)
Iron (1000 mg)
Zinc (140 mg)
Copper (49 mg)
Manganese (130 mg)
Cobalt (5 mg)
Chromium (0.021 mg)
Glycine (10 g)
Moisture Maximum (14.40%)